Friday, June 5, 2009

Disclaimer. Even though I hate those.

Okay, sssooooo

One of my students/men-tees/friends, whatever she wants to consider me.  I asked her to let me know what she thought of my blog that I wrote yesterday.  And her answer was "u have a lot of misspelled words in your blog" .  How thoughtful of her.  
If you are wondering what does this have to have to with Slam, poetry, or a guild then my answer is "I don't know"?  But, she was on my PV Slam Team so, i figure this is valid.  Poetry is an essence all on it's own.  While in college I started writing poems so often that they found their way into my essays, reports, and any thing else that had to be graded.  It's like poetry is all that I knew how to write.  
Now with writing blogs on a some what regular basis some may say my spelling has became of below average.  In poetry, one does not have write nor spell correctly because we're (the poets) hiding behind the wool of ARTISTRY.  Blogging is NOT WRITING AN ARTICLE!  Right?  What do think?  
I plan on writing, no venting on these a lot.  If people start coming to just read my articles/blogs for how many errors I have.  GREAT!! I am not tripping.  I hope you enjoy the blogs to come.

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